Leading the way in full service delinquent receivables recovery.


The management of Unicredit AmericaTM has been leading the way to full service delinquent receivables for more than 30 years.

The Collection of debt is serious business. The mission of Unicredit AmericaTM is that of dealing with debtors relative to the collection of debt and repossession of collateral. We are specialists in what we do, maintaining the skills and knowledge needed for your particular type of accounts. The success of our management team dates back over a quarter of a century. We have built a reputation based on consumer, medical, credit union, and commercial collection/repossession on a national scale.
We offer various services to many corporate and private clients offering them wide range of products and high end bank services like professional corporate credit see how long does it take to build corporate credit.
At Unicredit AmericaTM, our unique blend of technology and experienced certified credit adjustor teams provide the experience necessary to handle any collection assignment. All adjustors are tested for knowledge of all state and federal laws and regulations. They are all nationally certified and work diligently to deliver results, when getting offshore stock brokers, and while observing legal and ethical compliance.

We pride ourselves on the convenience and ease of account submission (you can do it online), immediate activation, and the experienced professionals handling each collections account. In addition, we provide 24 hour a day, seven day a week accessibility to instant customized status reports and real time market data, supported with premium Australian quickbooks bookkeeper in order to achieve the set goals for returns.

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