Consumer Collections

The administration of Universalcredit America has over 20 years experience in the management of consumer debt. They understand that each account is unique and will review your file to determine the best method of recovery, which may be a payment plan or asset liquidation. Additionally, they have an in house legal department to resolve any sales of assets or filing of judgments.

At Universalcredit America
, they understand the importance of your business reputation. Further, they realize that your delinquent accounts may stem from individuals with temporary financial difficulties. They handle all account assignments in a professional yet high performance oriented manner. To accomplish this they utilize only certified financial adjustors that receive ongoing training and education.

Types of Collections

For over 20 years, the management of Universalcredit America has built a proven success record in the following areas:

  • Commercial Accounts
  • Healthcare Accounts
  • Bad Check Accounts (Insufficient Funds)
  • Deficiency Balance Accounts
  • Past Due Account Follow up
  • Term Loans
  • Revolving Accounts
  • Utility Accounts

Their CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL TELEPHONE COLLECTION TEAMS can handle any size or type of assignment as well as investigative and skip tracing services. 

Blue Light

In addition to skip tracing, Universalcredit America provides an additional service called Blue Light. Blue Light is a highly sophisticated detailed skip tracing tool that incorporates all vital information available pertaining to the specific person that you are trying to locate.