Universalcredit America's Marketing Division offers various solutions to businesses for their customer care and assistance programs. Whether you're trying to build the rapport with a new customer, learn more about your existing customer base, or ensure that your customers' accounts remain current their Inbound and Outbound Call Service solutions can help you maintain strong, long-lasting relationships between you and your customers. While they can manage virtually any inbound or outbound call service you need, they've grouped their main services into four main categories: 

1. Welcome Calls

In today's competitive environment, it is important that you communicate with your customers to build loyalty towards your company. A Welcome Call to your new customer is the first step in building that loyalty. During the Welcome call you can explain the new account in more detail, reiterate due dates and answer any questions. This proactive outreach is an excellent channel to display your strong customer service and set the stage for a great relationship with your new customer. 

You can enhance your call with a follow up email thanking them for their time and offering web chat as an addition to the traditional Customer Service toll free number. Unicredit can manage any or all of the three welcome channels available to the new customer. 

2. Voice of Customer (VOC)

"The Voice of the Customer" is a mechanism for businesses to understand their customers better. They can help you gain valuable insight into your customers' needs and wants by conducting various surveys. This data can be collected by a live agent or through the natural speech IVR. In addition, the survey can be part of the Welcome call, a follow up from a customer service/assistance call or a cold call to a random sampling of your customer base. 

3. Payment Reminders

Their payment reminder calls are a proactive and cost effective way to reduce collection costs while retaining current customers. Left unmanaged, overdue payments may quickly become bad debt. The period immediately after the due date and up to 30 days past due is a very critical time to reach the client. The main objective of the early reminder calls is to notify the debtor that the creditor is aware of the delay, and to give the customer the opportunity to resolve this situation. Telephone reminders in early stages of the delays have a proven track-record of improving the collection rate any where from 60% - 70% from going further past due. It enables your company to establish collection priority before others. Universalcredit America customizes the calling strategies based upon your needs. You can utilize a virtual or live agent or a combination of both to communicate with your customers. 

Virtual late payment reminders simply notify the customer of the status on an account. This pre-recorded message can contain information about the action that needs to be taken including directing the customer to contact an inbound unit or staying on the line to be transferred to a customer assistance agent. 

The live outbound agents have the ability to contact the customers and complete a "One Call" Resolution. These calls eliminate the need for a customer to call an inbound unit or stay on the line while they are transferred to an inbound agent. 

They have the ability to manage the full service customer care and IVR services to support the outbound calls. The expert agents are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week in order to provide optimal service for their clients and their customers. 

4. Natural Speech IVR System

The Natural Speech IVR system is currently one of the most sophisticated systems available within the telecommunication industry. Callers are able to access important information and complete transactions via voice or touch tone prompts in several languages, a necessity in today's global society. Speech Recognition technologies allow customers to speak directly to this system, as naturally as speaking to a live agent. In addition, the in-house IT programmers have the ability to program the IVR to customers to easily understand and navigate an automated calling system, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. 

Depending on the campaign needs and client specifications, they can program the IVR system to provide callers with an option to "opt- out" of the automated system and speak with a live agent to complete a call. If a caller does decide to "opt-out" to speak with a live agent, information captured in the IVR will not be lost. Through the UUI (User to User Interface) the IVR can be programmed to securely pass the data collected in the IVR to the live operator, saving the caller and the live agent as much as 20-60 seconds of time.