Welcome to "Crystal Ball"

Our Information Technology (IT) area uses a sophisticated communication and database system enabling us to communicate with debtors in optimal fashion. In this manner, we are able to communicate with them when they are home and archive all efforts with our database. 

The same technology allows close communication with our clients relative to accounts assigned. We provide a variety of reports available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through our secure server that includes acknowledgements, debtor status, special situation alerts, etc. Also we cross index all reports so that your original account number is identified. Any type of customized report is possible based on your needs.

This is "Crystal Ball" and we invite you to employ its many capabilities.

Active Account Statement

We are able to best contact debtors when they are home. We can then note on the account, the number of times they are called, the promises made and other pertinent information. These reports are analyzed daily and "next" steps are noted and communicated to you, our client.

This system provides our clients with tremendous flexibility as these reports are available through password protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Particular information regarding each debtor including debtor status, special situation alerts, etc., is also accessible by password.

New Accounts Acknowledgement

We Make it Easy for You to Assign Your Collection Business.

Through your password, you have the ability to inspect the accounts on the easily accessed screens at your convenience. You can even assign accounts after hours - 24/7! You also receive an acknowledgement that the account was accepted - it's as easy as that!

Crystal Ball Helps Us Communicate 24/7

The longer an account sits unpaid and unassigned, the chances of being paid in full decreases. Unicredit AmericaTM is here to help and work for you, quickly and with little difficulty.